Walking the Amazon and Cycling across South America, the @charityoars meet two amazing adventurer’s @laurabingham93 and @Ed_Stafford (oh, and their huge, wet, muddy dogs..!)


We’d been chatting to Laura Bingham (@laurabingham93) about the Charity Oars and trying to comprehend why someone would voluntarily cycle across South America with only the equipment she can fit in her panniers. Well it turns out this amazing adventuress had in fact completed such a journey.

Laura had cycled the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, over the Andes, through the Amazon jungle until finally reaching Buenos Aires – and the Atlantic Ocean. If this feat wasn’t tough enough, Laura undertook the entire expedition completely unsupported and with no money, only her extraordinary resourcefulness and daring.

In my mind, such a person deservedly warranted a place on the Charity Oars…!

Well, it turns out that crazy adventurers attract each other and we also had the pleasure of meeting Ed Stafford @Ed_Stafford (aka Mr Adventurer to Laura’s Mrs Adventurer). Ed had become the first man to walk the length of the Amazon River in South America from the source to the sea. He walked for 860 days. No one had ever done what he attempted. In fact Sir Ranulph Fiennes said of the adventurer:

“Truly extraordinary in the top league of expeditions past and present.”

Ed now passes on his adventure skills, passion and motivation on the Discovery Channel, as well as proudly being a Scouts Ambassador, motivating the next generation of boys and girls to explore our amazing planet.

It was a real pleasure to meet Laura and Ed and to have their support for the Charity Oars campaign, raising awareness of Thrombosis UK and the signs of DVT’s and Pulmonary Embolism (Thrombosis). #ThankYou

Ah yes, their big, wet and muddy dogs ……. Funny Story ……

In their garden they have a beautiful lake, their dogs are kept safely away from said “wet and muddy” lake by the means of a gate. True, we did walk through, close the gate, took a couple of photo’s and walked back through. At this juncture, my lovely wife may have forgotten to close the gate….!! Oh well, what could possibly go wrong ……!!

Here’s a huge thank you to two amazing people who are bringing the world and its adventurers to us all. Please have a look at their websites for more information.

www.edstafford.org           www.laurabingham.org