Althorp Estate meets the Charity Oars @cspencer1508

So, we pressed the “gate open” button …..

“Yes, can I help you?”

“Erm, it’s the Charity Oars for Earl Spencer …..” trying to sound important….

“Welcome to the Estate, turn right, go straight on, turn left, continue, turn right ….” Then there were mentions of cattle grids, a bridge, a “house”, cars, stables ….! I lost attention at the first “turn right”. What could possibly go wrong?

3 hours later, and an explanation to Northamptonshire Constabulary….. I jest…! I basically followed the signs, beeped a few sheep, and for a short moment became; “Lord of the Manor” with an 8 foot Charity Oar….!! (no euphemism meant)

So. We made our way through the Stables, there was a finely attired chap, to wit I approached in conversation …. Whilst my head was saying; “don’t sound like a comprehensive school chap, for they will surely take umbrage at such a commoner being so close to the Nobility.” So with my best Miles Jupp impression I said (to aforementioned finely attired chap) …. “Direct me to Charles my good man…..!!!” Turns out, calling an Earl “Charles” gains a lot of Kudos…. At this juncture I should comment, I knew that Charles Edward Maurice Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, DL, a British nobleman, peer, author, print journalist, and broadcaster, and was the younger brother of Diana, Princess of Wales, was not “at home”. So I was fairly confident I wasn’t going to end up in the Tower of London…..!!!

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Alison and she kindly took charge of the “Port Charity Oar.” It’s interesting that whenever the Charity Oars meet new people, not only does it allow for us to informally introduce into a relaxed conversation the signs of a DVT (never easy to do if you walk up to a stranger and start going “would you know the signs of a DVT?”) I trust Alison won’t mind me saying this, but she knew only too well of the effect of a DVT and Pulmonary Embolism. Empathy of such a condition, either personally, through a family member, friend or work colleague, is a very powerful connection. I can’t thank Alison enough for her kind assistance.

A couple of days later, Charles Spencer tweeted the Charity Oars a wonderful photo, and kindly offered us a hearty salute of good fortune. Such a gesture of support carries such a wave of confidence, drive and it further pushes us to continue such a wonderfully positive campaign going.

So from little old me, a salute of thanks to Earl Charles Spencer, to Alison and to everyone at the Althorp Estate.

Some wonderful events at the Althorp Estate, why not visit (mention the Charity Oars, you won’t get a discount, but I’m pretty sure Charles will put the kettle on…..!! this might not be true..!)



On Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th of May 2018 The Althorp Estate are delighted to be hosting the 4th annual Althorp Food and Drink Festival.


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