@bbccambs @jeremeysallis BBC Radio Interview for World Thrombosis Day

Well my dulcet tones hit the airwaves again yesterday when the Charity Oars popped into the BBC Cambridgeshire studios to be interviewed by Jeremy Sallis. It’s always an interesting experience being interviewed live and one that I rather bizarrely like. Now for those of you who have followed these news stories and those of you that know me, know that ordinarily being the centre of attention is something I rather like, however, since 2011 I have tended to keep myself out of the limelight more. Of course, since our jolly run-in with the chap and his Mercedes is 2013 apart from keeping myself even more in the background, I have (so I’ve recently found out) got a “problem” with my cognitive memory skills (it’s amazing the damage having a Mercedes running over your head does to your brain), well suffice to say my memory isn’t what it used to be, neither are my linguistic and communicative skills, so to be interviewed live on the BBC, whilst trying to remember the key messages was a “tad” daunting…!

But I cracked it ….!! (I’ve just listened to the broadcast and I didn’t sound too bad..!)

So please have a listen, there probably are a few faux pas but lets just put this down to nerves and a bad memory shall we ….!

Listen here (but please be gentle) I’m 1.08 in to the recording

A big thank you to Jeremy for his support in arranging the interview, and good luck with the Maasai Warriors on Monday…!!

4 thoughts on “@bbccambs @jeremeysallis BBC Radio Interview for World Thrombosis Day

  1. “Thank you very much Paul for sharing your dramatic experience! I listened ever so intently when you spoke to Jeremy. My sister died last October the19th on lung embolism. I wrote a little on your FB site. I am so tired because I have suffered so many bereavements in the last few years. Paul, you spoke really well on the radio considering your personal story! I am so pleased that you survived!!! I believe that my sister could have had a chance to survive if the danger she was in would have been recognised!!”

  2. as a haematologist please believe/appreciate we support very strongly in your focus on the ‘prevent clot activity’ but would appreciate that you make make sure that your ‘reports’ are accurate/evidence based

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