A big cheque from the family and friends of #Tomo and @BerkoFC

The motorway God’s looked kindly on me today as I joined the M1 at junction 13…..!! No road works, no lorry spilling its wares across the carriageway and not even a white van precariously positioned on its side….. Today was a good day …

As I drove down to Berkhamstead FC for the presentation, it’s strange that the memory of Tomo, a chap I’d never met, was still fresh (even) in my memory. His passing because of an undiagnosed DVT felt even more poignant than when I had attended the charity football match a couple of weeks ago.

Here was someone, whose name, character and lust for life will be with me now for the rest of my life, and you know what? I like the idea. I was off to be presented with a cheque for £1000 on behalf of Thrombosis UK. Tomo’s life never finished, his memory is quite literally raising much needed funds so everyone at Thrombosis UK can continue with the necessary work of Research, Awareness and Care.

So as a Trustee of Thrombosis UK, and on behalf of everyone that will benefit from this very generous donation, I send a heart felt salute of thanks to Tomo’s family, Pat, Lee and Helen. To Kiran who helped organise the event, to Berkhamsted FC for hosting the event and to everyone who supported the charity football match ……. Thank You …..!!


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